Friday, April 3, 2015

NBA Desmos Scatter Plots

This is my first ever blog.  My main purpose is to help me document the things I am doing in class to be able to make them bigger and better each year.  Decide whether they should be repeated or if they should be tossed.

Rebuilding an Empire.... The name is because this is my first year back in the classroom in about six years.  I had the opportunity to be promoted at my previous school to VP.  While it was a great school and we had some great years it was time to get back into the classroom because 1) I felt that my expertise was better suited for the classroom 2) I feel much more fulfilled in front of students 3) My time with my family has exponentially increased due to the lack of an hour commute, which makes all of us much happier. 4) I get to take my son to school with me every day and next year my daughter.

Today was my first day using Desmos in class.  I have been trying to work it in, but to be honest I don't have that much experience with it, so I have to do my homework with it as well.

I chose to have student look up statistics from players on NBA teams, but I was rather specific on what they were to look up (FGA/FGM).  Students were able to follow the directions easily, really had no problems creating their graph with the scatter plot template and with extremely basic instructions were able to adjust their Trend Line to relatively appropriate positions.  They then saved their graphs and turned them in through Google Classroom. Here's an example.

I would say we had basic success.  Students were able to complete the assignment successfully, but I think my being specific on what data to use I don't think my students really gained too much from it.  Yes they understand what the scatter plot looks like and we have begun Trend Lines, but that's about it.

Next time...

Buy in....Must have more buy in...
Consider using the lesson by Dan Meyer about celebrity ages. It will provide more back and forth banter.  Students will be challenged to see who can be the closest, their scatter plots will all appear different and they can provide for additional conversation on why the Trend Lines look so different.

Mine was a good exercise for completion, but needs to be stepped up for next time.

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